It is an honour and a privilege to be invited to share in the precious time of preparing for birth and parenthood with parents. Thank you to my valued clients for sharing your thoughts on my involvement in your preparation for all things birth and beyond!

I cannot recommend Mel highly enough. She enabled us to have the most positive birth after having had a previously traumatic experience. Mel is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and committed. During our 3-day labour at home she provided the support that both my husband and I needed giving us the faith to go on. Mel was hands on with practical help and most memorably coached my husband giving him the confidence and knowledge to support me perfectly throughout. I credit Mel with enabling us to have a wonderful home water birth after previous caesarean and what we believed was the best start to life for our son.

— Angela Holmes

I would highly recommend Melody as she is a kind, caring and supportive person, who’s knowledge I found to be very useful throughout. She made me feel like she was there any time for questions I had about Albert and what I should/shouldn’t be doing!

— Steph Easterby

We feel very fortunate that Mel was our doula and recommend her to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, reliable, friendly and positive support person for your antenatal, birth or post‐natal care.

— Dr Pegine Walrad and Dr Robert Rothenberg

Melody was kind, empathetic, well-informed, supportive, compassionate, open-minded, strong, readily available and intuitive to my needs. I would absolutely recommend her to any expectant parents wanting a doula.

— Emily Deckers

She was fantastic. She was so kind and full of knowledge on how I could achieve the kind of labour that I wanted. It went exactly to plan and not many women can say that. I have no doubt that this was due to Mel’s techniques with me during early labour. She taught me exercises to ensure that the baby’s head was in a good position for a swift, uncomplicated labour. Mel has a very warm personality and is extremely caring. I knew as soon as I met her that I wanted her to be my doula.

— Jo Richardson

I truly believe [Mel] played a massive part in helping me have one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It was just incredible and I don’t think that would have been possible without you. Your work is amazing – THANK YOU!!

— Chloe Fletcher

We highly recommend Melody. She is an incredible doula who genuinely cares for others and wants to help families to have their wishes for their pregnancy and birth become a reality.

— Tracy and Rob Oliver

Mel was with us for approximately 40 hours over ten days. She was always at the end of the phone if I needed her - which was a lot! Not just with breastfeeding, but with everything that came with becoming a mum again. Helping me soon after the twins were born, through the baby blues, making sure I ate properly, being an advocate for me, helping me to focus on positives, generally lifting my spirits - the list goes on and on! She counseled me through those first weeks with the twins in so many ways, and we had some lovely chats and giggles along the way too! My advice to you would be to get Mel on board.

— Lesley Sutcliffe