Holistic Sleep Coaching

Holistic Sleep Coaching

8 hrs over a 1 month period - £180

Sleep deprivation in parenthood is real!  It is experienced by all of us at some point during our parenting journey.

My qualifications include specific training in sleep biology, infant development, & how to support families as they get to grips with how to support themselves while supporting their baby's developing sleep patterns.

You will receive evidence-based information with a focus on person-centred strategies that will support you & your baby through the transition in infant development & sleep.

After we have met for an initial consultation, I will provide you with a personalised care plan, on-going support via telephone & email communication, & a follow-up session so we can reconnect to evaluate what is working for you & how we can improve strategies so everyone in the family is as well-rested as possible.

Your 8 hrs can be used in scheduled blocks as you require them over a 1 month period.

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