Birth Doula

Birth Doula

Full service - from £960 (payment options available)

As a professional trained in childbirth, I provide emotional, physical, & educational support to expectant, birthing & new mothers.  Antenatally, we will meet in-person at least twice & I will be available for consultations by telephone & email from the first to the last visit, within reasonable working hours.  You will also have access to my library of pregnancy, birth, & postnatal books. Together we can discuss your birth plan & I can assist you in gaining a better understanding of the birthing procedures available to you.

I have learnt it is best to offer birth doula services in a shared-care capacity.  This means that pregnancy support is available from me AND one of my doula colleagues Claire Wells or Sarah Robinson, & that one of us will be with you during labour & birth.  In the extremely unlikely event that I'm unable to get to you, or your labour continues for a few days, it is best practice to ensure you have built a relationship with someone who we trust completely so that they can offer support in my absence.

During your labour & birth  I can provide comfort with pain-relief techniques including breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, massage, & labouring positions.  My role is to help you have an emotionally safe, memorable, & empowering birthing experience. I will be guided by your birth-plan, decisions, needs & wishes, to provide on-going practical & emotional support until your baby is born.  I will continue to stay with you for at least an hour after your baby’s birth to assist with your comfort & well-being, & your baby’s first feed.

Approximately one week after your baby’s birth, I will visit you in your home & use the time to reflect on your labour & birth experience with you, signpost to any local support services you might find useful & say goodbye.

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