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When a woman feels empowered in her birth experience, and has continuity of care during her transition to motherhood, this has a positive impact on her health and well-being - as well as on her relationship with her baby.


I offer a range of services to parents wanting support and information on their journey to parenthood - in pregnancy, birth and beyond.

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Did You Know?

Doula involvement in pregnancy, birth and beyond has had these positive outcomes:

— Hodnett et al, 2012

Mission Statement

I strongly believe that every woman should have the information, and be supported in their decisions, to experience birth and motherhood in a way that they choose. I hope to support women, and advocate their individual decisions on what they feel is best for them, and their families, based on their personal circumstances and the information available.

My Story

Mel and her girls

I am a mum. I am also a fully qualified Advanced Birth & Beyond practitioner (University of Worcester), with a background in nursing and complementary therapies, and have worked with families as a doula and childbirth educator since 2005. I am committed to promoting and facilitating positive birth and parenting experiences. This has motivated my continued research into practices and circumstances that impact birthing and early parenting experiences, including birth trauma and perinatal mental health. Birthing approaches and resultant situations play an integral role in influencing early childhood development and infant-parent bonding.

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Working together supports good health and well-being for everyone.


Melody was kind, empathetic, well-informed, supportive, compassionate, open-minded, strong, readily available and intuitive to my needs. I would absolutely recommend her to any expectant parents wanting a doula.

- Emily Deckers

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